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Granite Theatre’s “Hill House” is Sure to Spook: Theater Review

An old house with a tragic backstory. A doctor studying supernatural phenomena. A pair of psychically receptive research assistants.  What could go wrong?  John Cillino’s immersive theatrical production The Haunting of Hill House is certain to impress. Attendees are first captured by Katherine Kimmel’s Mrs. Dudley, who is quite specific about what she will and […]

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All That Happened Was Nothing: Right Wing Recall Fizzles

Earlier this month, Motif reported on a recall measure against North Kingstown school committee member Jennifer Lima. So what happened? Nothing: October 12 came and went and the committee petitioning for the recall didn’t turn in any signatures at all. The rumor around town is that they only gathered about 700 signatures, fewer than a […]

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Crushing Metal: Burr Buzzes Alongside Don’t Grow Old

Nefarious Industries serves up a new pairing with Burr and Don’t Grow Old  Long used for pulverizing minerals, the burr mill transformed food production by improving the consistency of ground grains, corn, and coffee. At Bolt Coffee’s Providence flagship (61 Washington St.), barista Casey Belisle, assistant roaster Mike Dantowitz, and coffee director Justin Enis wield […]

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Psycho Sister: Dealing with the irrational

Dear C and Dr. B: My sister is an inflexible person and she flies off the handle if we are discussing a topic and I don’t agree with her. She tends to have very negative opinions based on her own social prejudices, like, “EVERYONE on unemployment now is just a lazy freeloader, there’s tons of jobs.” […]

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A Correction

In “Trolling RI Pols: Bullying public officials for doing the right thing” by Tom Sgouros, Oct 6, 2021, we made a number of errors. In both the print and web versions of the article, we incorrectly stated that the Gaspee Project, who posted criticism of North Kingstown School Committee member Jennifer Lima, was “associated with the […]

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Pretty Woman Review: Do We Really Need Cinderella Retold?

The play Pretty Woman is at Providence Performing Arts Center through Oct 16. And while it’s a pretty production, it’s a pretty awful story.  Pretty Woman (the film) was released in 1990 – four years before I was born – and the narrative has grown completely stale. Perhaps older theater-goers attended because of rose-tinted memories […]

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